Emergency and Commercial Vehicle Lighting



top view is mounted bottom view is unmounted
ULB9S Starburst Technology Next Generation
Any color Combo, comes with all mounts 
Rear Window, Windshiled, Suction Cup, and Tape
Permenent Wire or Cigar Lighter


Star Laser NEW - 5 new internal configurations available
High Density, M-Tech, Star burst, Discrete, and M-Tech Plus
Aluminim Housing Easy to access
5 year waranty
Alleys, Take Downs, and Traffic Director Available
All colors
22" starting at $440.00
46" starting at 900.00
52" starting at $980.00
58" starting at $1100.00
All prices above built with M-Tech Plus Technology

Star Razor LED Light Bar
M-Tech Plus Technology
All colors, 
Alleys, Takedowns, and Traffic Director Available
Low Profile 2 3/4 inches tall Angles housing for less Wind noise
36-66 inches long
36" starting at %560.00
46" starting at $745.00
56" starting at $810.00
66" starting at $855.00

STAR  Halo Amazing new technology Dual Color With the Flip of a switch. Short and tall lens available Permenant and magnet mounts starting at $118    


9100 LED M-Tech Plus Tech 15" Mini Bar LED
Permanent Mount and Magnet moutn available
Multiple Flash Patterns, Dual colors available
Starting at $190.00 Permanent, $219.00 Magnet